Stacy Marinelli is a woman with a story. Due to a life-changing incident, Stacy found solace and curative therapy spending time in her garden and eventually began to capture this encouragement through photography. The camera provided Stacy with a creative outlet and was inspired to nurture her talent further, becoming a professional photographer. Her images are offered for purchase and she available for product shoots, portrait sittings and to cover awards ceremonies, special events and professional gatherings. The owner of Stacy Marinelli Photography wanted to launch their online presence in a short timeframe to begin a new year while establishing a logo and brand at the same time. There were some very specific features the client wanted on the site in addition to looking professional, reflecting Stacy’s passion for all things vintage, and being easy to use and navigate.


Stacy Marinelli Photography wanted to establish their online presence by creating a website solution that they could easily maintain. They wanted an interactive photo gallery to showcase artwork, a vehicle to tell their stories and a contact mechanism for inquiries and social media links. In addition, they wanted to employ a simple navigation system into their minimalistic site that could expand with their business.


Codesummit knew that Kentico would be the perfect platform for Stacy’s first foray into the digital world. We showed her how easy it would be to mange content and knew that this was the most flexible and cost effective platform for her budding business. Codesummit developed a minimalistic, easy to navigate site that showcased her gallery and provided for a professional online presence.



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