Matrix Medical Devices had a small budget and rapid delivery schedule. They were committed to a soft launch into the market within seven to ten days. Branding needed to be developed, site content had to be resourced and written, a site map needed to be thought out according to company business and growth strategy and Matrix Medical Devices had to have a competitive position in the online marketplace in just one week.


Codesummit was tasked with creating Matrix Medical Devices’ online presence in the marketplace. This newly created venture needed a branded site that was mobile responsive and flexible enough to grow with this burgeoning domestic and international regulatory compliance consultancy.


Kentico’s mobile friendly platform made it easy for Codesummit developers to create and launch a fully responsive design and fully functional website for Matrix Medical Devices keeping with their tight launch schedule. It was critical for Matrix Medical Devices that their site was optimized for and rendered correctly on every mobile device as the company will be conducting business, not only in northeast Ohio but internationally and on the move as well. The Codesummit team was able to quickly switch out content and imagery based on client input and approvals within minutes with little issue and adjustment needed, which helped greatly during this collaborative and quick launch. The mobile preview option, advanced device detection optimization and automatic image resizing built-in functionality made our jobs less stressful and helped us launch on time and on budget. Also, this being a completely new site within the marketplace, Kentico’s built-in SEO component allowed Codesummit developers to optimize the site while developing, to boost optimization upon launch. Codesummit’s programmers used keywords and meta data, alt tags, proper URL’s and page titles as fast, effective methodologies that comply with best practices ultimately improving the client’s search rankings.



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