With a commitment to a high-profile launch at The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, we had an extremely tight production and development timeline and launch window. This firm deadline allowed little time for testing and QA and the ecommerce component had to integrate with a third party ERP system for fulfillment.


We were committed to build a new, branded and easy to manage site for the product launch at CES in January. Secondly, we had to create and develop a new and branded ecommerce component to market and sell the TempTraq product to businesses as well as to consumers.


Codesummit knew that Kentico would be the perfect platform for Blue Spark’s TempTraq launch and ecommerce initiatives. We demonstrated how easy it was to mange content and knew that this was the most flexible and cost effective platform for launching an ecommerce initiative in such a short timeframe. The new site launched within the tight timeframe and was ready for all potential traffic as a result of launching at CES. The product/site has since been featured in TIME Magazine and The Wall Street Journal and on both Good Morning America and Today.



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